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About Me

First of all, ahla w sahla! bienvenue! welcome!

I am Jad Bitar, a Lebanese guy in his early 30s living in Montreal. Online, I go by jadb. Husband, father and full-stack develop-reneur (just made that one up), I co-founded Buildingo, formerly (co-)founded MyEasyScripts which grew into WDT Media and before that BeirutNightLife.

An open-source advocate at heart, I’m a core CakePHP developer, maintainer of StillMaintained and the author of capcake among other OSS projects.

When not on my desk, you can find me enjoying time with my family or walking my dog. I like travelling, good cuisine, hunting and outdoors in general.

Content on this blog is mainly influenced by what I’m spending my days on. In other words, expect to hear a lot on development, self-employment, startups, bootstrapping, parenting and rottweilers.

This blog is powered by Jekyll, with a custom theme based on @mdo’s poole/poole and hosted on Github Pages. Code snippets, examples and tutorials I publish on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License unless stated otherwise. The rest of the content is copyrighted to myself and/or used with attribution to it’s respective owner.