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Capistrano + CakePHP = capcake

After a little over a 3 years hiatus, I have finally updated capcake!

As my most popular OSS, it wasn’t fair to keep releasing new stuff without giving it some long due love. Truth is, it came out of a need. I had stopped using it on new projects (either too small or on PaaS) and contributors were rare. With the recent release of the final CakePHP beta, I started upgrading some old projects that relied on capcake.

What’s new?

Well, aside from all the awesomeness of Capistrano 3, the new version comes with built-in support for popular plugins:

As you might have guessed, those are the ones I use and that have deployment related shells. If you know of any other, feel free to submit a pull request or an issue.

Another handy thing is that you can now run cake commands on the remote server(s):

$ cap production cakephp:cake

Finally, the README is more complete than it ever was. I am also considering writing a post (or release a gist) to showcase a sample application.


This is a list of tasks that I think would be cool (read necessary) to have:

  • database configuration
  • live log streaming
  • granular cache cleanup

I know there could be a ton of potentially interesting stuff to add (i.e. sitemap), but I think it would be better to keep those in separate packages. I like how small and organized the new codebase is, minimizes maintenance :)


I first tried releasing this gem as capistrano-cakephp, which is how all the Capistrano packages are named now but to my big surprise, @morrislaptop had already ‘reserved the namespace’. After some digging, I found out that this gentleman not only reserved the namespace for this gem but also the Wordpress one, another of my early Capistrano integration with PHP applications.

At this point, I felt something was sketchy - so I started looking at capcake’s followers and, unsurprisingly, I found him. After discussing it with @savant over IRC, he convinced me to just release it as capcake.

It frustrates me though to see that some people act like this. If he had built anything, then I wouldn’t care so much (just as I didn’t about the Wordpress one he actually released). What do you think?

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