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Homeless Maybe, Useless Not

What a day! I couldn’t have had it any better.

Today we took Karim (now ~11 months old) to his 1st Christmas parade, here in Montreal. The weather wasn’t bad but damn was it cold. Having anticipated that, I drove downtown last night with one goal in mind:

Find 5 homeless to secure front row space for my little family.

It’s sad, but Montreal has plenty of those. It didn’t take long before I found my guys. I spotted them at different places. I wanted 5 because I knew I couldn’t really rely on just one, but one out of five, maybe. I made the same deal with each of them:

$10 now, $40 if you reserve the spot I want tomorrow.

Someone else may have never done this blunt move but I thought that for $50, might as well try it. If it works, I have a very good spot for less than $100 - only one can secure the spot. Drove back home and just stopped worrying about it. There was less than 10 hours to go before I find out.

Good to mention, my wife didn’t know anything about that.

This morning, we left early (that was the initial plan to secure the spot) and to my wife’s surprise, stopped for breakfast at one of her favorite places - l’Avenue on Mont-Royal. At this point, I had no clue if my plan had worked or not, I was just taking my chances. I explained to my wife what I did after she went to bed last night and convinced her we should have breakfast, worst case scenario, I’ll cary Karim on my shoulders the entire parade.

Next? We met with my dad and hit the parade.

Turned out I was right! Out of 5 homeless, one was there! Happily paid him $50 since he had no change to give me back and we all enjoyed every minute of the parade. I must admit, some people around us weren’t that happy and gave us some weird looks. Overheard some bitching to each other about having to wait in the cold since 8:30AM (parade only starts at 11AM, damn!).

Would I do it again? Hell ya! Karim, despite still being very young, was having a great time (from what I could tell), my wife got to enjoy a warm breakfast and we didn’t have to wait for hours out in the cold. Seriously, props to whoever does it - you’re just out of my league.

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