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Joining forces with FoC

Happy new year! It started on the right foot for me, and I hope it did (or soon does) for you too :)

I am excited to announce that I have joined forces with the FriendsOfCake group, some of the best bakers out there (IMHO). Truth be told, I was trying to recruit ADmad for my suite of Gourmet plugins for CakePHP 3 but instead, he turned it on me ;)

To start, my gourmet/twitter_bootstrap plugin was moved to friendsofcake/bootstrap-ui. There are no plans for other plugins to move (yet) but of course, I look forward to helping with the other plugins that the FoC maintains.


My main reasons for joining the FoC are (my way of introducing myself to the rest and a self-reminder):

  • growing a suite of class A plugins to serve general purpose needs that will become the defacto ones to use with CakePHP 3.
  • reducing the clutter of (often incomplete, un-tested or un-maintained) plugins in the CakePHP 3 ecosystem (vs. CakePHP 2).
  • mingling with some of the people I look up to in the community, learning and getting free peer reviews ;).

And Gourmet?

I am not dropping my suite of Gourmet plugins (and the FoC is not adopting every plugin I want to work on), that’s not the goal. But the way I see it is that the bigger a plugin’s codebase is, and the more I’d like it to be part of a bigger organization (helps a lot in making decisions, reviews, maintenance, etc.):

bigger organization -> more user adoption -> increased contributions -> long term support -> solid code

It’s a win-win for everyone, the community and myself included.

On that, cheers to everyone and my best wishes for 2015!

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